Country Television Unit

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The Country Television Unit takes your regular TV and turns it into something that is quite beautiful and quite a lovely part  of your room!

With a limed top complemented by an antique cream frame that has elegant carving used throughout, it also has four small drawers and two shelves in order for you to store all of your media equipment.

Dimensions: 55D x 120L x 50H cm

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The Country Dressing Table Stool is a gorgeous piece that has a very classy finish, with a high-end, premium fabric used to cover the seat.

With antique cream painted legs that are covered in subtle yet chic carvings, this is the ideal piece to use alongside a girly dressing table and create a space that works well together.

Dimensions: 35D x 49L x 45H cm

The Country Twin Drawer Console Table brings a touch of shabby chic into your home, with gorgeous carving detail used all over and lovely cabriole legs that add a gorgeous touch to the piece.

The solid wood top is limed and shows off just how stunning natural wood grain is, working well next to the antique cream of the rest of the table.

Dimensions: 40D x 90L x 78H cm

The Country Three Drawer Console Table is ideal for making the most of those empty spaces in a hallway or living area, and using it to your advantage by adding storage space and style.

With three drawers as part of this pretty design, it has plenty of natural wood on show with a limed top and antique cream frame.

Dimensions: 40D x 110L x 78H cm

The Country 6 Drawer Chest is a gorgeous, truly exquisite piece that is perfect for homes that are going for a shabby chic look.

With six drawers, it offers ample storage, whilst the beautiful detail and carvings bring a certain style to the piece that is understated yet pretty. Perfect for rooms that need extra storage but don't want to compromise on design.

Dimensions: 40D x 100L x 81H cm

The Country 4 Drawer Kitchen Server is all about that homely, cottagey look that is ever so homely yet ever so on-trend at the minute, and manages to bring more storage and more space for you to cook. 

With a surface of 122 x 41cm, you are guaranteed to inject a bigger space into your kitchen, whilst the low-level shelf is perfect for storage.

Dimensions: 41D x 122L x 78H cm

The Country 5 Drawer Chest is a high-quality, premium piece of furniture that has plenty of storage and plenty of style all rolled into one.

With three large drawers and small twin drawers used as part of the piece, it is finished off with beautiful detailing and cabriole legs, with intricate yet subtle carving used throughout.


Dimensions: 40D x 85L x 80H cm

The Country Glazed Tallboy With Cupboard is a lovely piece that is perfect for a variety of different rooms. Whether you choose to place it in your hall, or even in your kitchen, it will offer you plenty of storage space and display space.

Finished off in a shabby chic design with a cabinet, drawer and display area, it looks stunning when used to display all of your favourite bits and bobs.

Dimensions: 35D x 48L x 160H cm

The Country Curved console table is made from a high-quality wood that is a gorgeous, chic combination of limed brown and antique cream. 

With lovely carved details used throughout, it is finished off with a single drawer for all of your bits and bobs and looks gorgeous in pretty much any room - from a hallway to a living room.

Dimensions: 30D x 80L x 79H cm

Country Dresser

Regular Price: £681.00


The Country Dresser is a large piece that needs to be somewhere that can accommodate the space that it will take up - this is a showpiece, and needs to be somewhere that fits in with this.

With three shelves on top of a cupboard area that has three doors and drawers, it not only offers plenty of storage, but plenty of display space, too.

Dimensions: 40D x 120L x 200H cm

Country Lamp Table

Regular Price: £126.00


The Country Lamp Table is a cute, quaint little piece that won't take up too much space in your room, but will still make a statement and look gorgeous wherever you choose to place it.

With an elegant finish that fits in best with the shabby chic design scheme, it looks gorgeous both on its own or as part of a running theme. With two drawers, there is also plenty of storage for your bits and bobs.


Dimensions: 31D x 41L x 67H cm

The Country Bookcase With Drawers is a gorgeous piece that is perfect for you to place all of your favourite stories and tales, with a few little nik naks in between to make this a piece that is a real staple in your home.

Finished with a shabby chic, aged effect, it not only adds style, but also practicality with the two drawers that have been placed in the centre of the piece.

Dimensions: 35D x 90L x 179H cm

The Country Right Hand Side Bedside Cabinet is a stunning piece that just absolutely has to be at the side of your bed if you are going for a shabby chic, country feel in your bedroom space.

With a cabinet bottom complete with a drawer, the main colour is an aged antique cream, whilst the top is finished off with a limed piece of solid wood that works perfectly in contrast to the rest of the piece.

Dimensions: 35D x 45L x 70H cm

Country Hall Table

Regular Price: £225.00


The Country Hall Table is a really lovely piece of furniture that is full of character and charm, making it perfect for homes that are going for a cottagey, homely finish.

Made out of solid, high-quality wood it offers both style and practicality, with two doors and two drawers providing plenty of storage, whilst the shabby chic, aged look with cute carvings really makes it  stand out in an elegant way.

Dimensions: 40D x 80L x 107H cm

The Country round topped wardrobe with four drawers is a lovely piece that will give you ample storage for all of your clothes, shoes and nik naks, whilst adding a real statement to your bedroom that is completely in line with the shabby chic, country feel that is so popular.

With a large hanging space finished off with four drawers, this piece is versatile as well as gorgeous.

Dimensions: 55D x 140L x 220H cm

The Country Glazed Tallboy is a stunningly pretty piece that offers plenty of storage and display space, without taking up too much floor space, making it ideal for rooms that aren't particularly large in size.

With one drawer on top of cabriole legs with intricate carvings, the finish of the piece is in an antique cream that is designed to look worn, whilst the limed top works well in contrast to the rest of the tallboy.

Dimensions: 35D x 45L x 133H cm

The Country Grand Hall Chair With Hooks is one of those pieces of furniture that will always have people asking you where it is from, as well as offering compliment after compliment.

Perfect for large hallways, it has a chair backed with hooks making it a versatile place to sit as well as hang your hat and coat. The drawer at the bottom offers added storage space, whilst the rustic, shabby chic finish is really pretty and eye-catching.


Dimensions: 40D x 87L x 180H cm

The Country 3 Drawer Bedside Unit is a piece that absolutely has to have a place in any bedroom that is going for the shabby chic look, with a rustic finish that makes the piece ooze character. 

With a look that is attractive and completely on trend, it also offers plenty of storage with three drawers, whilst the limed top complements the cream colour of the rest of the piece perfectly.

Dimensions: 38D x 48L x 63H cm

Sometimes, it is all of those little bits and bobs that you pick up along your journey that really make a home, and the Country Display and Storage Unit is the perfect place to show all of these bits and bobs off. 

With 4 glass shelves nestled into the shabby chic frame, the drawer on the base of the piece also offers storage space for those things that need to be hidden away.

Dimensions: 37D x 123L x 210H cm

The Country Small Buffet/Wine Rack is a beautiful, cute little piece that is perfect for any kitchen or dining room and has a stylish finish, without compromising on practicality. 

Definitely style as well as substance, there are two small drawers that are perfect for all of your bar bits and bobs, whilst the open storage is ideal for glasses. The wine rack space stores eight bottles.

Dimensions: 35D x 80L x 82H cm

The Country Left Hand Side Bedside Cabinet is perfect for homes that are all about the shabby chic look, and will turn your bedroom into a kitsch paradise, especially when used with its right-hand counterpart!

With a cabinet base that has a small drawer on top, the finish of the piece is in a gorgeous worn effect, whilst the limed top works in perfect contrast with the cream frame.

Dimensions: 35D x 45L x 70H cm

The Country Set Of 2 Plant Tables is a lovely piece that offers you the versatility of two table heights, giving you the perfect place to put your flowers or plants when you bring them into the house.

With cabriole legs that have lovely carvings used all over, the antique cream is complemented perfectly by the limed top. 

Dimensions: 35D x 35L x 82H cm

The Country Dressing Table Mirror With Two Drawers is perfect for shabby chic bedrooms that are all about girly elegance, and help to create a cute boutique that is absolutely gorgeous.

With two drawers holding the mirror in place, it offers plenty of storage for your bits and bobs, as well as practicality.

Dimensions: 18D x 49L x 56H cm

The Country Horizontal Mirror is a really lovely, yet simple piece that injects a gorgeous shabby chic finish into your space, with a cream frame and limed top that work well in contrast to each other.

Place on a wall that will allow you to use the mirror practically, as well as use it to bring extra light and space into your room.


Dimensions: 4D x 100L x 57H cm

The Country Cheval Mirror is a gorgeous piece that can be used in a variety of settings, from the bedroom to the hallway, and brings a touch of elegance into your home without going over the top.

The cream colour of the frame contrasts well with the limed wood, whilst the adjustable mirror allows you to check yourself all over before you leave the house.

Dimensions: 50D x 50L x 160H cm

The Country French Style Bedside brings a touch of the French countryside right into your home, turning your space into something completely elegant and timeless and full of pretty yet understated carvings.

With a cream base complemented well by a limed brown top, it is perfect for a wide variety of bedroom styles and will look even better when used as part of a pair.

Dimensions: 36D x 48L x 78H cm

The Country Curved Mirror is a cute little piece that comes in a portrait position, with plenty of design elements to make it interesting, without making it overpowering in your space.

A gorgeous cream colour with a limed accent, the ornate carvings finish this mirror off perfectly.

Country Corner Unit

Regular Price: £284.00


The Country Corner Unit makes the most out of a part of a room that very rarely gets used properly - the corners.


With a deceptive amount of storage and display space, it will go into your corner for a flush finish and has three shelves that are ideal for you to display all of your bits and bobs. The low-level cupboard gives you somewhere to store things away out of view.


Dimensions: 42.5D x 42.5L x 175H cm

Create a bit of privacy with the Country 3 Way Divider Screen, a Tri-Folding Wooden divider screen with slats that not only works on a practical level, but looks stunning when used to dress a room and add those all-important finishing touches.

The rustic finish on this piece makes its perfect for homes with a shabby chic theme.

Dimensions: 2.5D x 126L x 200H cm

The Country 6 drawer console table is a lovely, quaint little piece that is perfect for those who want to integrate some of the shabby chic trend into their home.

With cabriole legs leading to the six drawers on top of the frame, the whole piece looks smart and kitsch with carvings and elegant edging used throughout the design of the whole piece.

Dimensions: 45D x 110L x 82H cm

The Country Three Way Dressing Table Mirror is made of three mirrors that can be moved around in order for you to be able to see your reflection from all angles.

With a beautiful flower leaf pattern used on the top of the piece, the actual design and shape of the mirror is neat and tidy, making this a very elegant addition to any dressing table.

Dimensions: 2D x 84L x 60H cm

Country Glazed Unit

Regular Price: £152.00


The Country Glazed Unit is a cute little piece that makes a lovely finishing touch in any room, with plenty of style and elegance embodied into one piece. 

With twin glass doors that make it the perfect place for things that you want to display, it also has a shelf for double the storage space. This piece is made out of wood and is finished off with pretty carvings, making it a piece that is a real feature.

Dimensions: 28D x 70L x 65H cm

The Country Display Cupboard W/2 Cupboards & Drawers is a real design staple in your room, and will offer you not only plenty of storage, but will tie your room in together and make it look like a rustic paradise!

With an exquisite finish that is in an antique cream and limed wood, the cabinet itself has a cabinet with glass doors, on top of twin drawers and plenty more storage at the base of the piece.

Dimensions: 40D x 90L x 190H cm

The Country shelf with pegs is a pretty and attractive piece that works well as a lovely finishing touch in your kitchen or dining space, as well as bringing the practicality of a little bit more storage space.

With a shelf and pegs, it is the perfect place for your cups and tea canisters, and will complement any shabby chic themed room perfectly.

Dimensions: 22D x 68L x 40H cm

The Set of 2 Country Trays is a lovely little duo that look gorgeous when used as either a show piece, or for genuine, practical reasons.

With a limed base surrounded by an antique cream frame that has an ornate detailing, two handles either side also make it easy to carry around. Perfect for cosy winter nights with a cup of tea and biscuits in front of the fire!

Dimensions: 6.5D x 35.5L x 45H cm

The Tall wooden table lamp with red heart motif on shade is an interesting piece that is very understated in design, with a staple heart on the shade that turns it from something simple, into something statement. 

Finished with an in-line switch, this lamp is perfect for homes that are going for a kitsch, shabby chic finish.

Dimensions: 30D x 30L x 51H cm

The Country Coffee Table is a gorgeous piece that looks stunning in any shabby chic living space, with an antique cream frame and a natural limed wood top that works beautifully in contrast. 

With lovely cabriole legs and carving used throughout the design of the piece, this table will look gorgeous in your living space, almost too good to put your cup of tea on!

Dimensions: 60D x 120L x 50H cm