At My Home Rocks, we offer a diverse range of delicate items crafted from various materials. To ensure clarity when choosing and caring for your purchases, we provide specific disclaimers regarding our products' characteristics:

Our wooden items showcase the innate beauty of wood, often displaying unique features like knots and grain shading. Each piece possesses individual variations, ensuring their distinctiveness. Please note that these natural traits are not flaws but rather integral aspects of wood. Distressed ranges may include small splits that contribute to their character, typical for natural wood furniture

To accommodate natural fluctuations in temperature, intentional gaps exist between cut corners in mirrored items. Avoid exposing your furniture to excessive heat, as it may lead to cracking. Use non-solvent-based glass cleaners on glass or mirrored panels, taking care to avoid contact with wooden or painted sections.

Handcrafted glassware may contain slight imperfections such as air bubbles, tool marks, or colourirregularities, underscoring the human touch in their production. Variations in shapes, sizes, and colours among pieces are inherent to this craftsmanship.

Handcrafted or hand-finished metal items may display welding joints and minor imperfections, contributing to their unique character and authenticity. Expect variations in colour, which is normal for handmade metal products.

Variations in colour and veining are typical in stone finishes like marble and granite, deviating from exact pictorial representations. High-gloss furniture is susceptible to scratches and should be used with coasters or placemats to minimize them.

Colour fastness, fading, and changes due to environmental factors may occur in fabrics like PVC. Leather variations in sheen, texture, and natural marks are normal due to different dyeing and tanning processes.

Polyurethane (PU) represents the look and feel of genuine leather but can be more prone to damage. Minor inconsistencies like glue marks should not be considered defects.

Handmade items may exhibit slight variations in shape, firing marks, glaze bubbles, or colour inconsistencies inherent to the production process.

Colours may fade over time, especially in direct or strong light, though gradual fading occurs uniformly around the product.

Hand-added beads or gems may be loose in packaging, and rough handling may dislodge them. Handle with care.

Designed with longer tubes and larger screw holes to prevent breakage, the handles may have slight mobility, which is not a defect.

Variations in plastic materials may occur due to natural properties and fabrication methods. We aim to match colours, gloss, and textures as closely as possible to provided samples.

Variations in finishes and colours are natural due to hand applications and canvas variations. Small indentations are normal in our paint finishes.
These inherent characteristics are not considered defects or damages, and as such, credit requests for these items will not be accepted. Please note that images on our website may differ in colour due to resolution, colour settings, and monitor brightness.

Discounts are valid for the time period set on the marketing material. Discount code attempts after the expiry date will not be granted and can only be used within the time period stated for an online order. The BAOBAB collection is excluded from all discounts on site.

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